Professional in Transformer Design and Manufacture


Major product application including Giga Lan, Telecom, ISDN, xDSL, RF, Power Line, Smart Metering, High precision current sensor, CCD camera , and Areospace


10/100 and 10Giga LAN transformers
up to 10KV surget withstand applicaiton


Power Line Communication and Switching Power Transformers


Telecom & Data communication Transformer

 xDSL, ISDN and Analog Modem


Common Mode Choke

Various type of common mode chokes


xDSL Splitter

ADSL, VDSL combo splitters are integrated with POTS and ISDN function


RF& Current SensorTransformer

High precise current sensors for industrial applicaiton


Transformer for Industry Application Design

Acuwa high isolation and efficiency switching power transformer meets the different safety regulations standard need. product customization is normal in our design stage. High-quality networking magnetics are designed to meet high-speed of Giga (1000 Base-T) and 100 Base-T data transmission need. Single, Dual and Quad-port LAN modules are for different packaging design needs. A variety of ADSL, VDSL, ISDN and Telecom transformers and combo splitters to meet worldwide telecom regulation needs.



Over 40 years experience in transfomrer design and manufacture skill, VDE and ISO produciton management. UL materials, RoHS and REACH compliance.