The Teamwork in Product Development, Manufacture, and The Best Solution for Customers

Acuwa Technology Inc.

The Best Solution For Customer

Acuwa team dedicates to co-develope customers’ product and lowing product cost without losing product quality that cope with our customers to accomplish different criteria and application need.


Acuwa Team

Acuwa emphasizes on products researchs & developments, manufactures, quality assurance to our worldwide customers.

Acuwa R&D Team

R&D team has devoted over 35 years experience in transformer and broadband devices design and manufacture.

Quality products

Product quality and cost are higher priority at production processes. RoSH products, high isolation and temperature withstand product to meet different customers’ IR Reflow requirements.

Acuwa Production

We ensure to provide high quality for customer products by using manufacture skills and managements that knowledge, activity and problem solving to cope with Acuwa's customer for the best product solution.
Both ISO-9001 and VDE certified.